Pozitive Results Sport Strategies Inc. (PRSS)provides International Consulting Services focused on Planning, Performance, Leadership and Governance in Sport and Recreation.

PRSS core service areas include:

  • Professional Keynote Speaking and Workshops [details]
    • Tailored to the needs of sport, corporate, community and volunteer organizations, PRSS Principal, Ozzie Sawickifacilitates seminars or provides keynote addresses.

  • Performance Consultation [details]
    • PRSS provides performance consultation for major competition preparation and season planning, with a focus on short and long term planning, coaching support and mentorship, integrated support considerations, and strategic preparation in all facets of the athlete/team-coach relationship;
    • Olympic and Paralympic Games Planning and ConsultationServices.

  • Coach Education and Leadership[details]
    • Coaching is a key area of PRSS expertiese, and support of coaches in a variety of areas including mentorship, coach education delivery (national coach certification program course facilitation), coach education program development and coach professional development.

  • Talent Identification Pathway and Program Development [details]
    • PRSS works with technical leadership within a sport to develop a strategic plan that includes:
      • Athlete talent identification at the developing,competitiveandperformancelevel;
      • Development of coaching, education, and integrated support allowing athletes to evolve to their potential in an optimal daily training environment;
      • Development of marketing, sponsorship and media strategies to ensure program sustainability and maximized exposure;
      • Program operational management strategies and provision of both short and long term support;
      • Provision of a complete implementation protocol.

  • Adaptive/Disability Sport [details]
    • PRSS provides services in support of participants/athletes with a disability, including adaptive and Para-sport programs, Paralympic high performance programs and Gamespreparation;
    • All levels of the athlete/coach development pathway are considered for athletes with a disability, including entry level club programs through to high performing elite programs

  • Organizational Governance [details]
    • PRSS offer guidance, development and implementation of policy and governance processes to allow for the optimal management and execution of sport-based organizations.

  • Evidence-Based Data Assessment and Analytics - PLADHP Mapping[details]
    • PRSS integrates data solutions through evidence-based data assessment and analytics, data audits, database system design and the application of spatial data methodologies through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in conjunction with Big Data conceptual strategies.The integration of evidence-based data assessment assists in maximizing Performance outcomes and defining optimal decision making strategies in all areas of sport and recreation, including physical literacy, athlete development and high performance sport (PLADHP).

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