Adaptive/Disability Sport

  • Para-Sport (Athletes With a Disability) and Inclusion in Sport
    • All of the service areas provided by PRSS are also applicable for programs involving sport for participants/athletes with a disability.
    • Our focus is on inclusive/integrated sport opportunities, education and awareness, and assisting sport and physical activity organizations in developing opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
    • Program strategies involve recreational through to competitive high performance programming.
    • Ozzie Sawicki has been involved in Para-Sport and Paralympic sport at the local, provincial, national and international levels since 1989, and has provided guidence since that time to numerous national teams and sport organizations.

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  • The addition of key strategic areas when working within the disability context include:
    • A first contact plan;
    • The introdcution of an education program that allows potential participants, parents, families and program delivery agents the awareness initiatives that will alow these individuals tointegrate into sport programs at all levels recognizing the unique qualities that disability programming may require.

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