Performance Consultation

PRSS provides performance consultation for major event preparation and compeition season planning. Areas of focus include:

  • Short (annual) and long term planning (quadrennialpreparation);
  • Coaching support and mentorship;
  • Integrated support planning and coordination;
  • Strategic preparation in all facets of the athlete/team-coach relationship.

  • Performance consultation applies to:
    • Introductory sport and recreation programming, planning, and assessments;
    • High Performance/Eliteplanning, preparation and measurement of expected performance outcomes;
      • This includes an evaluation of who the participant is, their age group, level within the long term athlete/participant development progression (recreational, competitive or active for life);
      • The assessment is often designed and implementated relative to athlete stages of physical literacy and development and mirrored with the coach development progression;
      • The PRSS process provides the client an optimized outcome most effectively suited to their program requirements.

  • The consultation process includes:
    • An assessment of the existing performance strategy and process, including athlete/team goals and exisitng plans designed to achieve those goals;
    • A post-assessment process that builds on the necessary elements required to maximize performance preparation for a given event or competition series;
    • Realistic, evidence-based and measurable outcomes;
    • Involvement and engagementof key individuals including coaches, athletes, team/program leadership, and integrated support;
    • An assessment of facility and venue needs for optimal training outcomes;
    • Budget review, planning and management;
    • The delivery of an integrated, dynamic and flexible program performance plan that allow coaches, athletes and program leadership the ability to clearly follow an optimal program progression.


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