Coach Education and Leadership

PRSS believes that the foundation of a successful sport program is based on the leadership and knowledge provided through certified and experienced coaches.Whether at a recreational level, a developmental phase of long term athlete development, or in the delivery of elite performance sport, PRSS considers the need todevelop coaches through a parallel educational pathway as a critical foundation to any sport program.

PRSS, through it’s Principal, who is an expereinced internationalleader in coaching, offers comprehensive solutions in support of coaches that include:

  • Coach Education Programming, Training and Professional Development
  • Coach EducationDelivery (National Coach Certification Program)
  • Coach Mentoring
  • Olympic and Paralympic Sport Performance Coaching and Coaching Support

  • Long Term Coach Development
    • PRSS services include consultation, design and implemention strategies of Long Term Coach Development progressions. These can be applicable to a specific sport or sport program being delivered (i.e. municipal soccer program or club alpine program). Our goal is to assist in the implementation of long term development opportunities for coaches of athletes of all ages.

  • Coach Professional Development
    • PRSS also provides a focus on the long term development of the coach, including coach mentorship and professional development.As an NCCP Competition-Introduction and Compeititon-Development Learning Facilitator (LF) and LF Evaluator, Ozzie Sawicki has extensive experience working with coaches in an education setting,including as a Master Coach forcompetitiondevelopment and high performance coaches. Ozzie states that "coach mentors were instrumental in increasing my own knowledge and confidence in establishing myself as a high performance coach in Canada, I strongly believe that my ability to mentor both up and coming coaches and experienced coaches is essential in ensuring the development and delivery of quality coaches for athletes at all stages of development”.

  • Coach Mentorship
    • Mentorship opportunities for coaches are often lacking, especially for coaches in the initial stages of their education and/or careers in sport. PRSS facilitates a variety of mentorship options for coaches, including:
      • Mentor partnerships for inexperienced coaches to work with more experienced coaches in their development and grass roots environments;
      • Coaches can be exposed to high performance events and settings to learn from more experienced coaches in their sport specific environment;
    • As part of the PRSS coach mentorship and course facilitation expertise, a significant part of our work entails the development of the coach. This can be sport specific, may address a professional development need, or may provide assistance with the coach's development of their annual or multi-year training program;
    • Ozzie is presently a mentor coach with the Advanced Coaching Diploma Program offered through the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary;
    • The PRSS goal is to support coaches in all aspects of their professional development.


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